I m cold and pained, not because winter has finally encroached the earth And abandoned us of all warmth, but because I cannot stand the hatred for me prevailing in the little hearts of the so called “dear ones”.
I m cold and pained, not because it is midnight and I m still away from my bed and blanket, but because  I realize  now the materiality of the respect I earned.
I m cold and pained, not because I didnt bring a cloak to this half past twelve-walk, but because their love for me was just a joke for them.
I m cold and pained, not because I cannot see a single fire on this lonely road to warm me up, but because I cannot take these fights anymore.
I m cold and pained, not just because I stand here all alone to fear this cold, but because I know..even a new morrow wouldn’t give me the faintest hint , a faintest hope to go through this torture of life ,as I braved it today…


Radhika Sharma

13 thoughts on “Cold.

  1. Thanks for becoming a subscriber. Happy blogging.


  2. ady says:

    Very nicely written and a moving post 🙂

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  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. The photo goes very well with your words; did you take it yourself?

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  4. asilora69 says:


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  5. spikykatniss says:

    I have poetry. Really like yours, stirred something inside me. Please at least take a glance at mine, it is not good as yours but scroll my page. Thanks and happy writing. Make me emotional again!

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  6. Perfect for a freezing December morning 😉

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  7. spikykatniss says:

    Still reading this awesome poem after a while, the picture was so haunting. I know this is random but i love the word ‘enroached’ or whatever it is.

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  8. Very neat image. I love to shoot light and shadow images – they’re my favorite. Great depth of field and composition. Thanks for the like on my Snowy Driveway image.

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  9. Thanks for the like on, Muffin.

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