Love a girl who writes


Came across this lovely piece of poetry and it took my heart away almost immediately. Writing is such a wonderful gift to mankind after all.

Radhika Sharma


A glimpse into my life.



India is a beauty from within and without. Even the simplest structures are a marvel in themselves. These pictures were taken on my visit to Delhi, the capital city of India. Clearly, revisiting the era of the greatest Mughal rulers was a delight.  The divinity of Humayun’s tomb and Ugrasen ki baoli kept me captivated throughout the day and I realized that there is so much more to history than in just textbooks!




Radhika Sharma


When the waves are falling upon the shore,

And you’ve got nothing to ignore

Just look beyond the rising sun,

You will surely find a little nation.

A nation waiting for you to improve,

In every phase of your life to move

To find a train at all the stations,

This is the nation of expectations.

An expectation greater than your dreams and desires,

Hardly able to exist in this world of fire

But always wanting to make a place in your heart,

So as to bring you a wonderful start.

A start that would change your life,

And that would bring their expectations to rise

All you have to remember my friend

Is that- expectations can bring a change.