Peace And Love

The street lamps blazing,

And yet the unlit street.

There’s light falling into my eyes,

Still I stumble upon my feet.

Thinking of those children that died,

The men that were brutally killed,

Humanity was shamed, the graves cried,

The blood wasn’t the only thing that spilled.

The gunmen were a part of you and me , weren’t they?

And so were the victims of that terribly frightening sight.

Our hearts grieved and paved the way,

For an everlasting surreal fright.

“ United by birth, divided by caste”

Is that the song we ought to sing?

Then let alone our oblivious past,

Our future will also refuse with us to cling.

Peace is our savior, hatred our enemy.

Blessed would be the day when this we realize:

‘The world is our family,

And love is all we need for our race to thrive.’imagen-4_large