I am not sure how many lives I have left to live,

Or how long this one will last,

But tonight

I will be content in sitting here with everyone

Watching the cloudy sky with not it’s jewels , but it’s scars 

Wondering if it was always this beautiful beneath the stars

Jamming to the tunes of ‘What a wonderful world’

Or ‘Man smart woman smarter’ if we need a laugh

Hearing Joker’s backstory, each others’ queer batman theory

Getting up on the park bench, an recreating our own little La La Land sequel

For the stunted trees around

Or for the resident birds in those trees that might prefer some entertainment with their evening meal.

Just this once,

You do not need to be a stargazer,

Or a singer

Or a dancer

Or a storyteller,

You just need to be you.

So come along, 

With your flaws, your imperfections, even your scars,

And let the night beautify them

Just like it did for the​ sky.

And do not fear

For, in all this​ while,

The dark has never judged anyone for their darkness.

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