My fear committed suicide

Mum said she will be out in the​ evening 

For groceries today,

So when I come back home,

I should heat my food and eat it.

Pretty normal instructions, eh?

However, what she didn’t say

Was that the neighborhood had a blackout today.

So when I turned the corner of my street,

And started walking towards my house,

I became a kitten hiding away from the bathtub.
A confession, I am  scared of the dark.

To the extent that I might die

If someone jumped out from behind the shadows at me.

And it’s NOT FUNNY. 

Yet , with my shredded courage and jell-o- turned legs, 

I hobble, then run , then rocket towards my house at the​ end of the street.

Turn the key and slam the door behind me.

Only to realise,

The dark is worse inside.

Breathe, I tell myself.

At least, you know your way in here.

Adrenaline kicks in at the exact same moment,

And after what feels like Winter’s end in the Arctic,

The Fight mode activates.

Think, I mutter aloud. Think.

Mum said the torch was in the kitchen! Yes!

So I rush towards my sword in the stone,

Trying to find my way around the shoe rack ,

The cabinet

The closet
Ouch! Damn the stupid door. Who placed it here anyway. I told Dad that this house didn’t need doors. Stupid object!

My heart and head both throbs now , one with fear and the other with pain.

Bingo, great combination.
My fingers finally find the shelf to the right, Just below the slap.

I try to find a metal cylindrical thing ,

And then

I freeze.

There’s something cold and slimy between my fingers.

All the stories of ghosts​ and vampires being cold and godknowswhat rush into my head

And i fall on the ground.

Shouting and flailing.

Just then, 

The lights go on.

My mother stands there, 

Looking at me, horrified.

What do you think you are doing?! I look towards the shelf again. 

Relief and humour. Bingo, another great combination!

So I almost die,

This time, Not from the fear

But from choking on laughter.

It was just my evening meal

A goddamned cheese lassagna.
So, that’s how my fear of darkness committed suicide.


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