A dream within a dream

Is all that we see or seem

A dream within a dream?

Is the description of man

That of a resident from a fantasy land,

Asleep being the only time we are awake,

Sins being the only doings we take

In moments of our last breath,

Do grains of sand respond to tears that are shed,

And not the ‘stars’, as we claim,

Are the adjectives for rise to fame

Maybe the stars sit under human-ny nights

And we lead them in the dark with our light.

And maybe, just like alternate worlds,

Two dreams often collide

Making it an infinite loop of a dream within a dream within a dream…ride.
Is all that you try to remember

Happened to you in a deep slumber?

No trip to the moon, no battles fought,

Memories are a disease that humans caught

What if facts are a hoax, plugged into our mind

What if the world is more colourful to the blind

UFOs are evolved frisbees,

There’s a living room on the other side of our screens

Maybe the sixth sense is our only sense

The only time you live is during an out of the body experience.

Deja Vu is a dream stuck in our head like a song,

Or a nightmare, that stayed over for far too long.

What if reality is a myth?

And what if the real truth does not exist?
Yet, there are some realities too.

One, triangles are the biggest lie since lies are the only truth

Pyramids of Giza, The one in Bermuda might be portals out of this dream,

Three corners of hell,heaven and the unknown joined by a thin beam.


The fantasy land has abundance of white hearts and duct tape

Because devoid of blood, the heart is white in essence

Just like this dream within a dream,

Absurd, yet existent.

And when these hearts break like china dolls,

They mend it with the duct tape rolls.


When these dreams intersect their paths travelling to other fantasy lands,

Moments of realisation are in your hands,

When your past becomes a haze,

And future is a foreseen maze,

And present is the only time left to question,

What are you here for?

Is it just a dream, or something more?

And maybe,

When your dreamer wakes,

You will still have miles to go and aeons to live,

Before he finds out that he is an insinuation of another dream.

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