Until today, I didn’t ‚Äčknow
That so many emotions could be felt  once,

There’s the sourness of lemon

From yesterday’s loss

Tears that rolled down and dried before hitting the ground,

Sadness that keeps coming back like waves on the shore

There’s the sweetness of sugar

From Today’s hopeful film

It said that Worse is never an option for life .

I don’t have much choice in what to tell myself,

It’s either this or sitting up all night.

So I take the former and sleep on pills tonight.

There’s the thirst for water

From missing the ones who have gone

Or left, 

Unable to quench this thirst with booze or beer or martini

Just like drinks, I have tried other people too,

The last one would have worked if 

I hadn’t realised what water tasted like

At the last moment.

There’s the desperation for tequila too

From not being able to set things right,

Being a shoulder for someone crying

Never felt good, if your shirt soaked the tears of a loved one.
I am forced to gulp in this lemonade martini today, 

Made up of lemon and sugar and water and tequila

But, what if I want to drink hot chocolate ? 

Which hugs me and warms me up on your behalf 

And tells me, I am safe.

Even though safe is not an emotion.

For once,





So I beg you to tell me

What will I be, if not my emotions?

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