Holding a double personality is a ritual of this society. Even a simple doll does that..the cutest thing in the day and the spookiest creature at night!


Radhika Sharma


Its Another Day

Its another day.
Another day to write in your book of life.
Just another tragically regular day.
But there’s something about this day thats a bit unusual.
That is overwhelming and frightening at the same time.
That excites me, and makes my breath stand at the end of the tongue at the same time.
Its probably just one of the perks of being a crazy overthinker.
But still it makes my skin tingle everytime I think of the extent of possibilities this day will have in store for me.
Perhaps I m really an overthinker, but I dont mind being one.
I dont mind it. If each morning, this prompts me to fill my mind up with a positive zeal .To enjoy the moments that lie waiting for me.
And I certainly don’t mind it if this is the reason why I greet each person I meet wid a smile, because given a choice, happiness would be my favourite thing to share wid others.
From  the little I have known of this world, its a cruel haven which will always make u lose your faith in it .
But at the end of the day, its a delightful place to live in. A place with endless chances to make everything alright again.
Each day’s sunrise brings with it another opportunity to complete the task left undone with the previous day’s sunset,¬† to reach new heights, to meet new people. And when u look up to the horizon this morning, you just know this day couldnt hav been more beautiful.
But, you know why ? Because that is when you decide its not just another day, but the day you are gonna make everything count for. A day worth remembering.

Radhika Sharma